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Regular brushing and grooming is part of the well-being program for both long-haired and short-haired cats. It goes without saying that there will be plenty of cuddles at the same time. You can and should control changes in the skin when brushing. A long-haired cat doesn’t necessarily shed more than a short-haired cat, the long hair is just easier to see and grooming is a little more complex.

Schwarz-weiße Katze betreibt gründliche Fellpflege

Grooming is a feel-good program for long-haired and short-haired cats.

Regular grooming reduces gagging and vomiting.

Nothing gets you off the couch as quickly as the sound of a cat vomiting. She unerringly gags on the newest carpet, the most expensive sweater or the bed that has just been made. Normally it’s only bad for us, the cat doesn’t suffer from it. However, if too many tufts of hair are swallowed, this can lead to an intestinal blockage. In this case, a veterinarian must be consulted immediately. Regular grooming ensures that not as much hair is swallowed. It makes sense to always choose the same time and a quiet place for the care program. Above all, it is important that the cat and you are completely relaxed.



Fur care for short-haired cats

Short-haired cats generally cope well with grooming well into old age. If the cat has a dense undercoat, grooming by the cat is usually not enough. When we brush our pet, we stimulate blood circulation and digestion. The short-haired cat is happy to receive support when changing fur in spring and autumn. If the fine hairs come off while stroking, it’s time to brush the cat. This removes loose hair and makes changing fur easier.



The right tool for grooming short-haired cats

For cats with a lot of undercoat, such as the British Shorthair or the classic domestic cat, we recommend a comb with medium-length or medium-spaced, rounded teeth of different lengths. A natural hair brush is popular for massages and a soft wire brush with curved teeth is used for semi-annual coat changes.

For cats with short, tight-fitting fur, a comb with short teeth and round tips is recommended. Additionally, a rubber studded brush or glove is great for massaging the fur.

Rex cats with soft, curly fur enjoy a narrow-toothed comb with short teeth and thick, round tips. A soft brush for the subsequent massage is ideal.



Coat care for long-haired cats

Long-haired cats such as the Ragdoll, Persian, Maine Coon or Balinese do not automatically shed more than cats with short hair. Anyone who has long hair knows that caring for it requires more effort. That’s why long-haired kitties need support with grooming throughout their lives. If the cat’s fur becomes too matted, this can lead to pain and even immobility of the animal. So it makes sense to brush your cat every day right from the start.

Depending on what your cat prefers, place it in front of you or hold it in your arms and comb it with your free hand. The tail is only brushed, never combed. Otherwise there is a risk of tearing out the beautiful tail hairs. Reward your cat with a treat after combing. She will remember that staying still is worth it. A great, well-groomed coat and a close bond with your cat are the reward for your daily efforts.



The right tool and care product for grooming long-haired cats

For long-haired cats, a slicker brush is suitable for removing the old dead undercoat and loose hair. As with us humans, brushes made from natural bristles are particularly suitable for giving hair a natural shine.
Metal combs with wide, rounded teeth are also recommended. Plastic brushes with nubs for massage are well accepted by long-haired cats for grooming. Good pet shops will also give you great advice on which grooming tools (detangling comb, furminator, glove) are suitable for each coat length.

The particularly sensitive areas such as behind the ears, under the armpits and around the buttocks can be pre-treated with a powder or care foam so that combing does not drag. There are detangling sprays for particularly stubborn areas. Oils can also support the care of long fur.
For all care utensils, preference should be given to high-quality and natural products. Cats are very sensitive to smells, so pay attention to nature here too.

If knots have already formed in the fur, something needs to be trimmed. Use scissors with round corners, slide the comb between the skin and the knot and then carefully cut. No cat can really stay still and the risk of injury is high.

You should always trim the fur around the bottom. Feces tend to get stuck in this area. This is very unpleasant for humans and animals.


Grooming old cats

If senior cats are no longer as flexible as they were when they were young, it is nice if the fur care of older cats is supported by humans. If they are used to being brushed regularly from an early age, this makes grooming easier in old age.


This is how you comb your pet properly

Always comb your cat with the brush. Moving the comb or brush in the opposite direction can cause unpleasant pain as it literally tears out even healthy, loose hair.



Cat grooming from the inside

A healthy diet is the key to a shiny, healthy coat. A balanced diet and high-quality feed with a sufficient amount of unsaturated fatty acids are particularly important. For example, you can also mix salmon oil into your cat’s food, which will give it a great shine. In addition to sufficient vitamins, zinc and copper (e.g. in beef liver) also make the fur shine beautifully.


What to avoid when grooming

Do not use plastic combs.

These become electrically charged and the small jolts of electricity scare your cat away.

Never nurse when there is a lack of time.

Your cats will feel it immediately and will react uneasily.

Noise and hectic pace also irritate the house cat.

Concentrate exclusively on your animal and care will become a daily, beloved ritual.


well-groomed Abyssinian tomcat in Crown Cat Bed from pet-interiors

well groomed adyssinian tomcat

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