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The Beauceron is a very original, powerful, robust and muscular dog, but without any sluggishness. It impresses with its stamina and incorruptibility. His nature is never angry, fearful or even shy. It is described in specialist literature as an excellent family dog. He prefers to be in the middle of the family or his pack and accompanies you wherever you go. Despite its size, the Beauceron is a sensitive and delicate dog. It is cautious and reserved with small children, older or anxious people. As a rule, people unknown to him are not harassed or even greeted stormily. However, if friendly contact is sought and he has met someone, he will greet them warmly. Kennels are absolutely unsuitable for the Beauceron breed.

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The Beauceron is still a healthy, extremely robust breed with an average life expectancy of around 12 years.

Color strokes:

bicolored black-red – Bas rouge
tricolor black-red-grey – Harleqiun


male: 65-70 cm
female: 61-68 cm


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Rhodesian Ridgeback

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